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About Us

HEMS-Nepal for Social Development is a Non-profit oriented Organization, engaged in multidisciplinary development and research on the social dimensions of contemporary problems affecting development. Through its research, HEMS-Nepal stimulates dialogue and contributes to policy debates on key issues of social development and provides an open space for research and dialogue. This provides both an opportunity and an obligation to question prevailing mindsets within the development community and to encourage new thinking.
The organization conducts rigorous comparative research in collaboration with scholars, activists, government and Industry to undertake development initiatives to positively impact the lives of marginalized and excluded sections of the society. The organization strives to achieve regional cooperation in the advocacy and promotion of comprehensive and integrated social policies that are culturally sensitive, and have a practical orientation. We work towards the promotion of an integrated and holistic approach to social development that is based on the right to development and the promotion of positive cultural and social values, with emphasis on the establishment of policies for social development.