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HEMS aims to promote a concern for the future, sustainable use of natural resources, equity and trains the environmental and social researchers for the better implementation of structural projects promoting better sanitation, health and hygiene in Nepal. It assists in creating responsiveness among the youth for self-empowerment by integrating the indigenous techniques (dairy farming, piggery, poultry, goatry, pisciculture, sericulture and apiculture) to alleviate the livelihood of the communities. It strives to undertake formal and non-formal education for street children, village women and others in the district. Also it provides training, awareness programs and vocational trainings and campaigns. It takes recourse in organizing workshops/ conferences/ talk programs on environmental and management of heritage.

1. Education:

a) Environment Education
b) Health Education
c) Water and Sanitation education
d) Application of Remote Sensing and GIS training
e) Youth empowerment Training
f) Integration of indigenous techniques

2. Health:

a) Awareness
b) Adolescent / Youth
c) Materiality health
d) Old age health care

3. Environment:

a) Environmental Awareness
b) Environmental monitoring :
Water (surface and groundwater)
Air monitoring
Soil monitoring
Forest (fire and biodiversity) monitoring
Disaster monitoring
c) Environmental Conservation – Water, forest & biodiversity conservation
d) Environmental Advocacy and lobbying
e) Socioeconomic analysis