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App for Agricultural Productivity


App under development and localization

Agriculture is the main occupation of people in our country Nepal as two-third of Nepal’s population depends upon agriculture for their living. Agriculture sector must be enhanced with implementation of new technologies as per farmers’ requirements. The farmers in our country are facing various problems in agriculture sector. The farmers get inadequate information about agriculture or some even do not get any. Traditional farming methods must be modernized along with support of information technology.

The Gaia App aim to support farmers with information about weather condition and its influence on their agriculture, condition of regional agricultural field, potential health of crop using space technology, machine learning along with local information. App will get all the relevant measurements from satellite and optionally in-situ sensors for farms.  The application will analyze for farming needs with early warnings and predictions.

GAIA App developmental team included Pascal Weinberger (Germany), John Zachilas (Greece), Lukas Böhler (Spain), and Pablo Garcia-Nieto Rodriguez (Austria). HEMS is App localization partner for South Asian Countries. The localization of application has been started with local form information from 3 regions viz. Kathmandu, Janakpur, and Mahendranagar in Nepal. GAIA grew out of the winning application of the annual ESA-Space-App-Camp, using various solutions presented at the Satellite-Masters-Conference 2015 in Berlin. For more information about project progress, contact us at info@hems.org.np.