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Environmental Monitoring, Analysis and Visualization System


Front end of EMAIV for Nepal

EMAIV is an interactive web Geographic Information System (webGIS) application for environmental monitoring. EMAIV is capable of keeping tracks of the environment changes and alerting the government as well as the society with the changes occurring. EMAIV want to focus on improving the quality of life of present and future generations. EMAIV helps the government by getting to know the issues the society is facing and to take immediate action to solve them and helps the society to report its problems fast and directly to the responsible people.

The framework of EMAIV is divided in three systems: Monitoring System, Analysis System and Alerting System
(1) Monitoring System: This system is responsible for displaying, monitoring and managing the in-situ and real time environmental spatial data with an interactive interface. This system allows the user to visualize the data on map, export the map and also perform some operations that help in efficient understanding and better decision making.
(2) Analysis System: This system provides the user the tools to visualize and analyze current environmental data. Environmental analysis is necessary because there are rapid changes taking place in the environment that could have great impact in near future but which cannot be detected without data analysis. Analysis system is aimed to experts to help identifying the trends and threats and also to plan strategies for decision makers.
(3) Alerting System: This system provides the user as well as the decision makers to know the current and urgent issues that need immediate attention and take measures to solve the issue. Through this system the user/society can participate by reporting an issue by adding an event that needs attention. This one will then be checked and means will be set up to solve it.

Back end Analysis Tools in EMAIV

Back end Analysis Tools in EMAIV

Implementing for Nepal:
Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia located in the Himalayas. The mountainous north of Nepal has eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains, including the highest point on Earth, Mount Everest. Nepal is an underdeveloped country with a low income economy, struggling with high level of hunger and poverty.
Nepal has become a disaster hotspot, with natural hazards increasing over the past two decades. A numerous environmental problems such as floods, landslides, fire, cyclonic winds, hailstorms, drought and famine are among the disasters gripping the Himalayan nation. In addition, recently there were two earthquake on 25 April 2015 and an aftershock 12 May 2015 that caused a real turmoil in the country.

Despite these challenges, the country has been making steady progress, with the help of government commitments, but still needs to focus also on pre-disaster preparedness.

Why EMAIV in Nepal?
There is a growing need of webGIS for easy and fast dissemination, sharing, displaying and processing of environmental information which in turns helps in decision making for various natural resources based applications in a country like Nepal.
So, EMAIV is a pilot project which is a web based platform for monitoring, visualizing and analyzing environmental changes in Nepal with an aim on preparedness and response planning.


  1. Web based – interactive – visualizing, analysis, and near-real time reporting
  2. Automatic quality assurance, alarms, and control features
  3. Sensors integration possibility
  4. User involvement by contributing data / regions to be focused (mobile apps)
  5. Import and export of data for your projects

Environmental Monitoring is very important to understand the quality of environmental. EMAIV is useful to know whether the environment is getting better or worse. EMAIV is very helpful to take decisions for environmental experts and even general public. The most important purpose of EMAIV is to see and analyze trends & patterns of change in the environemnt.

  1. Decision Makers: EMAIV aware the decision makers immediately when an event is added so that they can assign the issue to the responsible person to take an action on it quickly , thus EMAIV play an important role in taking right decision for the better development of the country and even planning better strategies in reducing the risk.
  2. General Public: General public can report about the undergoing environmental changes or any issues to the responsible person and can also receive alerts remotely wherever they are if an alarm has been triggered, a notification will be sent along with the response status from the central monitoring station with a wise decision from the decision makers. In this way, Public will always be updated on the status of their environment. EMAIV is also beneficial for Tourists in guiding them with the environmental situations and even the general public while they are away in other places.
  3. Scientific Research community: EMAIV is closely related to scientific research as any change in the environment is of great interest for the environmental researchers. EMAIV trigger research on effects of the change in environmental conditions so that they can create treatment procedures or research to find a way to reduce the causes.