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Optimum land use planning for enhancing water availability

Project Title: Optimum land use planning for enhancing water availability to sustain livelihood based ecosystem services in Chitwan Annapurna Landscape (CHAL)

Abstract: Optimum planning for long term and sustainable water supply ecosystem services is the long term stragety to arrest the current non-convisncing anthropogenic land use modification consequently impacting ecological integrity and human-land interrelationships.

To assess the watershed situation and determine the optimum land use practice for enhancing the water service, the Health and Environmental Management Society (HEMS) conducts a research study with the support from WWF, Nepal and Umwelt und Informationstechnologie Zentrum (UIZ), Germany for the study of specific watersheds in Tanahun and Kaski districts in CHAL.

Research location
The study will be carried out specific watersheds of Tanahun and Kaski districts. The proposed watersheds of the research location are as follows:

1. Tanahun district
Chhabdi Khola watershed, Damauli
Guhe Khola watershed, Khairenitar

2. Kaski district
Garmi Khola watershed
Bhoti Khola watershed