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HEMS have been working on the following projects:

Research Oriented:

  1. Groundwater monitoring of the Bhaktapur, Dhanush and other Terai district of Nepal.
  2. Community based forest monitoring by implementing the REDD+ strategies.
  3. Arsenic aquifer sealing technology in wells: a sustainable mitigation option in the Terai districts of Nepal.
Community Oriented:
  1. Awareness programs (regular campaigns/workshops, conferences) in Dhanusha district to address the sanitation, conservation and monitoring of the biodiversity.
  2. Educational Project
Forest, Agriculture and Environment:

HEMS focus on research for biodiversity, food security and environmental issues. The mission is the research for sustainable management of biodiversity by applying and developing geo-information, earth observation and spatio-temporal analytical tools. Spatial information is used to assess, monitor, plan and manage natural resources.

Water Availability, Quality, Accessibility and Monitoring:

HEMS aims to specialize in provisions of products and services for the water and environmental management and tries to offer high quality services in our specialist areas of expertise: water resource, hydrology and related fields.

Natural Resource management and sustainable development:

HEMS aims to train the youth and community to integrate the indigenous knowledge to address the appropriate management and monitoring of the resources in and around the district.


• Conducting research studies on specific subject related to pollution control technology, survey and inventory, chemical analysis, feasibility studies etc.
• Conducting training programme, awareness programs and workshops for capability development of managers and environmentalists.