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20 June 2015


 June 20, 2015

HEMS awarded research grant to Ms. Susmina Gajurel, a researcher from Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, School of Science, Kathmandu University, Nepal. She will be working on the research project entitled ‘Area protect mapping of important and secure watersheds in Tanahun and Kaski districts of Nepal and dedication of the share of the watersheds to the spring movement’. Her research will be supervised by Dr. Dev Mani Dahal, Associate Professor at Kathmandu University, Nepal. Dr. Jay Krishna Thakur, research coordinator at HEMS will act as her co-supervisor.

Research description

Unique portion of area use group within the catchment or watershed establishes the ecological purpose of the watershed when it comes to their volume to subscribe to experienced way to obtain water. It’s thus, vital that you delineate the area use structure and their certain share to spring flow. There’s an importance of an improved knowledge of the communications between forests/trees and water, for recognition increasing and volume creating in forest hydrology, and for embedding that information and the investigation conclusions in to policies. The forest protects, among different facets, influences the storage volume of a watershed and is important in sustaining the movement of water in streams at occasions when rainfall is missing or is merely adequate to protect evaporation.

Rainfall is known as since the crucial determinant of the amount of the water offer assessed at the store of the watershed. Nevertheless here is the main component, their state of watershed, working as a drainage region for the launch at store, establishes if the movement is experienced through infiltration or the rainfall straight away pipes out from the container as runoff.

Research objective

  • To measure the release from watershed in summer and winter conditions of the year.
  • To gain access to the attributes of the earth products (particle measurement circulation, natural subject material, lifeless timber contribution) in the watersheds.
  • To ascertain the co-relation between area use design, earth attributes and release at store in the research watersheds.

The strategy useful for that study requires number of information, examination, meaning and certification of the results. Equally major and extra information will soon be collected. Area protect mapping will soon be performed through distant feeling information applying ideal software. Launch rating will soon be performed applying website certain techniques concerning move strategy, container strategy, recent meter strategy or scientific equations.



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